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Documentary - Living with Internet Addicts

Documentary about people with internet related disorders, and their treatment. They live in a house together recovering from their illnesses. There would be interviews with each character and shorts segments about them interacting with the world and each other


Potential characters- just randomly throwing ideas out, feel free to add!


- Person who has been on facebook too much -  has been reduced to saying "like" to thing people say and poking strangers, randomly whacks his face with books, walks around throwing candy in the air shouting "share"!, stares creepily at anyone using myspace

- Tweeting addict -  shouts loudly about all the mundane things he is doing and then follows people, rants but then stops after  140 characters and says character limit reached

- Person who thinks they are normal but only talks in memes, - "I don't know why I'm here to be honest, not sure if I'm crazy or just misdiagnosed. I don't always try to escape but when I do it never works so I might as well stay in here. But I get to eat ALL the food so it's not too bad", could be used as a punchline if he cracks at the end and does something insane shouting "u mad bro?!!?"

- Google addict - walks in at inopportune moments and says "just google it" and others respond "shut up steve!", randomly shouts out advertisements that are personalised to the people they meet, is good at almost everything except being social

- Wikipedia addict - Accepts anything anyone says as a fact, upset that people are always trying to change them,

- Youtube addict - walks around holding up stupid captions, acts out popular youtube videos - (runs into the room wearing a diaper) "look, I'm a laughing baby!"

 - their carer - straight character who looks after the others in the house.  Serious and sincere all the way through

- Blogging addict - characters constantly narrates their life to an imaginary audience.  Talking about random theories that have no relevance in the conversation.  Always talking about the "haters" and how they're wrong about everything.