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This is Sin(x) City! ('Our Crime-Less City')

This is Cecilia and I’s attempt (with input from Sarah Whillier, David, Louise and Ash) at lyrics for the opening. I think the structure is good in terms of narrative but there are some weak lines that could do with more input. Change as you like!

The singer is an average citizen that comes out of the group of dancers. Ordinary person kind of charm, telling new-comers of how far his city has come. The audience is in the position of being ‘new residents’ of Sin(x) City.

This is Sin(x) City!

How long could you stay here,
If you were told the truth?
To know the tale of a city, our little city,
And what it means for me and you.

A past now long forgotten,
An age where crime was king,
Well all the fear and the fire, burned even higher,
As crime took over everything.

Cops and Lawyers, giving up to get paid,
Good men sold away, forever.
It happened, when the numbers came to our aid,
We killed it all with one equation, our city's mem'ry swept away.

And now, corruption's hist'ry,
The days of darkness are through,
Now there is no exploitation, no violation,
The safest place you ever knew.

<Instrumental> ...Now no more people have to die.

Now, few can remember,
The secret price that we pay,
Well, all the crime's gone forever, crime's gone forever,
But, fear, it never went away.
But, fear, it never went away.

Our flawless city, I give it to you.
This is Sine City,

Our crime-less city!