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Old Theme 1 draft 1

Morgan is in the waiting room. Marlo, Chief Diamond and Constable Rodriguez are in the Chief’s office.

[in the office]

Diamond: And that’s all you saw?
Marlo: Yes. I heard the shot and saw him fall.
Rodriguez: Thank you very much. That will be all.
Marlo: And what about my father?

Diamond: That has been ruled a suicide. The investigation has been closed.
Marlo: You don’t think it was more suspicious than --
Diamond: There is no crime in Sin(x) City.
Marlo: Alright, I get the point. I’ll show myself out.
Marlo leaves, as she passes the Detector notices her.

[in the waiting room]

Morgan: Ah ma’am - you forgot your coat.
Marlo: I’m wearing my coat.
Morgan: Good, it’s cold out. Is the Chief gonna be long?
Marlo: Depends. Are you from downtown or up?
Morgan: I was born downtown, but for the last 20 years I’ve been living abroad.
Marlo: Then you’re better off going back there. [leaves]

[cut to the office. Rodriguez has already suspected this is a crime. Police chief tries to find other explanations and denies crime exists. Rodriguez reveals Morgan has already been called in.]

Diamond: I just don’t know what to make of it.
Rodriguez: Well, let’s look at the facts. One victim -
Diamond: Not a victim. Victim means crime. And there is no crime. Let’s call him the “subject”.
Rodriguez: Fine, one subject - dead from a gunshot wound. And one bullet. 9mm. Heavy calibre. Judging from the trajectory, fired from some distance.
Diamond: Must have been cleaning his gun.
Rodriguez:  There was no gun at the scene.
Diamond: Someone must’ve stolen it.
Rodriguez: Wouldn’t that be a crime?
Diamond: Axiom 13. Okay, so no gun cleaning. Uh he... fell on a bullet!
Rodriguez: What, fast enough to puncture his lung?
Diamond: He’s very good at falling.
Rodriguez: Firstly: no. Secondly: who leaves bullets lying around? Isn’t littering a crime?
Diamond: True. Axiom 11. Okay, uh...disease.
Rodriguez: Bullets.
Diamond: Natural causes.
Rodriguez: Bullets!
Diamond: Wizards!
Rodriguez: They died along with Santa Claus.
Diamond: Damnit!
Rodriguez: Look, it’s quite clear there has been a murder.
Diamond: Don’t say the m word! Damnit Rodriguez, you know it’s suicide until proven accident.
Rodriguez: Whatever, but no more conjecture. A man is dead, shot in the back with a gun that isn’t there, killed by a bullet that he couldn’t have fired. This couldn’t be a suicide. It couldn’t be an accident.
Diamond: [pause] You do realise what you’re suggesting?
Rodriguez: Yes.
Diamond: You really think, that after twenty crime-free years under the General Solution of Sin(x) City... that there’s been a murder?
Rodriguez: ...I do, chief.
Diamond: Murder. On these streets. On our streets. Again. Do you remember the old days, Rodriguez?
Rodriguez: I do, Chief. And that’s why I called Morgan.
Diamond: You didn’t.
Rodriguez: Look, he’s the best. Simple as that. We need him.
Diamond: The best? It’s been 20 years. We need him like a fish needs a tricycle with training wheels.
Rodriguez: It’s been 20 years for all of us. We could all use some training wheels.


Rodriguez: Morgan? Could you come in, please?
Morgan: Evening, Diamond
Diamond: Morgan.
Morgan: Rodriguez.
Rodriguez: Morgan.
Diamond: Morgan.
Rodriguez: Diamond.
Diamond: Rodriguez?
Rodriguez: Yes.
[all nod and sit back in their chairs]
Diamond: So you remember.
Rodriguez: Morgan Snow, back in Sin(x) City after 20 years. Nice to see you again.
Morgan: Thanks kid.
Diamond: He hasn’t been a kid for a while Morgan - show some respect to the uniform.
Morgan: Uniform? I don’t see any uniforms. What happened to this place?
Diamond: You’ve been away for a long time, Morgan. Crime is gone, and it took all the cops with it.
Morgan: Then what the hell are you?
Rodriguez: We’re the Centre for Human Accident and Incidental Reconnaissance.
Morgan: CHAIR.
Diamond: Sharp as always.
Morgan: I don’t mean to be disrespectful - but if you guys aren’t cops anymore, then what’s a guy like me doing in a place like this?
Rodriguez goes to speak
Morgan: I also find myself answering the question. There could only be one reason. So where’s the body?
Rodriguez: The victim -
Diamond: - SUBJECT -
Morgan: Victim.
Rodriguez: ...was found at (42,-3) , 2AM. Accountant. Shot from 50 feet. [hands him report]

Morgan: We’re looking at a murder here.
DIamond: Things have changed. We don’t have murder anymore.
Morgan: Then what the hell do you have?
Diamond: Suicides. Accidents. Natural causes. But no murder.
Morgan: Or crime of any nature - like theft?
Diamond: Of course not. The General Solution stops crime. The General Solution keeps us safe.
Morgan: Then how did I steal this pen from the front desk?
Rodriguez: Gasps
Diamond: It was a present! We gave it to you! It was yours all along!
Morgan: If I can steal this pen then I can use this pen to stab a man to death.
Rodriguez: Amazing - why didn’t I think of that?
Diamond: Look Morgan -
Morgan: No - you listen to me. You’ve forgotten who you are. You’re the one who taught me that the truth matters above everything else. Well someone somewhere in this city knows the truth. I’m going to find that person and ask them questions. Then that’ll lead me to someone else, which in turn will lead me ever closer to...
Diamond: I know how detective procedure goes Morgan.
Morgan: Well, I think you could use a refresher. Because for a city with no crime, there’s a lot of not-crime not-happening - and no-one’s investigating it.
Diamond: We’re CHAIR. We uncover accidents. No-one’s reported a crime in 20 years.
Morgan: Why not?
Diamond: Anyone who’d report a crime must be a liar.
Rodriguez: Lying is a crime
Diamond: Therefore no-one can report it.
Rodriguez: Axiom 22.
Diamond: It’s a doozy, that one.
Morgan: Hmmm. Right. Well if no-one can report any crimes, then why was that lady shaking when she left your office?
Diamond: [starts]
Morgan: I’ve heard that voice before. She’d lost someone. And it hadn’t been an accident.
Diamond: Accidents are what we investigate.
Morgan: Well, that might be true. But they’re not what I investigate and I’d bet three tuppence the half-buck that’s why I was called in. You boys better get ready - I have a feeling everything is about to change - and my instincts aren’t often wrong. Remember the Vanguard Hotel? I told you it was the manatee eating the soap.
Diamond: And you let him walk free!
Rodriguez: He’s never been wrong before, Chief.

[Diamond slams on the desk]

Diamond: Shut up! Both of you just shut up. Now listen here. We’ve had a good twenty years. No theft. No fraud. And especially no murder. And now you waltz in here, with your old detective hats, asking me questions and drinking my coffee. Well we’ve moved on. We don’t need you. We’re not allowed to investigate crimes, on account of there not being any. But if you happen to be walking down our streets, and you don’t see something not happening - well, why don’t you head back over here and tell me everything you didn’t find out.
Morgan: I suppose it’ll do. I think I’m starting to overstay my welcome. I’ll head off. (opens the door) Oh and Diamond?
Diamond: Yes?
Morgan: It’s really good to see you again (leaves)
Diamond: You too, son. You too.