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[spotlight on stage. One person, nicely dressed up, is on stage]

Ladies, gents, guys, gals - welcome to Sin(x) City. Life in this city used to be like solving Schrodinger’s equation. Bleak, misunderstood and too difficult for most. But ten years ago, people got tired of solving crimes. So the Prime Council of this city elected a Grand Mathematician to fix it. So he wrote an Anti-Crime Equation to fix this city forever. And it worked. Now, crime is like Santa Claus. It used to exist and then we killed it with logic. Of course, for the solution to work, some sacrifices had to be made. All recording devices have been banned. [starts rolling and lighting a cigarette] No cameras, flash photography, sketches, paintings or people with really good memory. Also, no telephones, no alcohol, and absolutely no smoking. [smokes the cigarette]

Now, there’s no crime, and that means no arson. But in case of some form of accidental fire (stubs out cigarette) - or maybe if you just can’t stomach life here - the exits are right there. No-one’s stopping you. We’ll be taking a short break halfway through, where you can all use the washrooms outside and maybe even buy yourself a little something. If you’re an asthmatic or epileptic, maybe you wanna ask yourself - do I feel lucky today?  Well do ya, punk?

You all know the rules now. Hope you enjoy your stay. I know it might seem strange - scary even. But that's just how we do things here in Sin(x) City.
[gunshot rings out, person falls dead]