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Possible theme names

This is our big list of possible theme names. Previously we've done shows like Nasablanca or Jurassic Quark, and we'd like to top that this year! So get cracking. If you need inspiration, just think of your favourite movies/books or even phrases, concepts, idioms... inspiration can come from anywhere. Add yours to the list!

Ideas for theme names:
  • The Da Vinci Codon
  • Sine City (or Sin(x) City)
  • Silence of the Lambdas
  • Parabolic Activity
  • Xenon: Warrior Princess
  • The Periodic Fable
  • King Argon and the Knights of the Periodic Table
  • An Imaginary Plane of Thrones
  • Fantastic 3.14 (15926535)
  • Geeks Bearing Gifts
  • Fission Impossible
  • F(x) Men
  • Jason and the Astronauts
  • Alice in Numberland / Alas! In Wonderland
  • Science and Sensitivity
  • Legend of Zeta
  • Halogen: Reach
  • Love Fractally/ Love Factually
  • Mad Facts/Mad Fax