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[ADAM is sitting at a kitchen table]

TOBY: [walks into the room holding mail] Hey, the word-paper is here.

ADAM: Did my box-hold-order-buy come?

TOBY: Yeah. [slides over package] What’s in it?

ADAM: [opens up, revealing shoes] It’s my new pair of foot-mittens!

TOBY: New foot-mittens?

ADAM: New foot-mittens! I’m glad they came today. There’s supposed to be a big sky-water-wind-loud tonight, so these will keep wet-dirt-soggy-squelch off my bottom-hands.

TOBY: You wouldn’t want to get wet-dirt-soggy-squelch on your bottom-hands

ADAM: I wouldn’t. Anyway. I just got off do-labour-make-money, and I could use a wet-liquid-mouth-cup.

TOBY: Are you going to the many-seat-dark-room to watch a story-picture-move-noise?

ADAM: Nah, nothing good's on. Wanna go down to the wet-liquid-mouth-cup consume-place and get some barley-hops-yeast-bubble-water?

TOBY: Yeah. We could play some balls-table-stick?

ADAM: Or pointy-metal-throw-wall?

TOBY: Or bouncey-ball-metal-machine-flipper-lights-shiney-points-game?

ADAM: Sounds good. Oh, don’t forget about our plans for tomorrow?

TOBY: What’s happening tomorrow?

ADAM: We’re going to play two-team-people-run-three-stick-ball-hit-back-forth-run-score-catch-bat-throw-field-sticks-cork-leather-stitching-wood-bowl-play.

TOBY: You mean cricket?

ADAM: Yes.