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*The Weather

Anchor: Well, those are all the stories we have for tonight, but before we go, let’s have a look at the weather report with Tim. What's the outlook for tomorrow like, Tim?

Tim: Balls.

Anchor: Uh, could you be more specific?

Tim: Well, there's a flood warning for the
South plains.

Anchor: How severe?

Tim: Biblical.

Anchor: Right, and the upper North?

Tim: Harboursiders should expect very high humidity

Anchor: How high?

Tim: Underwater.

Anchor: Eastern Suburbs?

Tim: Tidal wave!

Achor: Western Suburbs?

Tim: Water world.

Anchor: What about the inner city?

Tim: H2woh is that place is fucked.

Anchor: Balls.

Tim: As I said.

Anchor: Well, that was the weather.