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Chief & Deckard looking through one way mirror, suspect unaware of presence.

Chief: We picked her up downtown. She matches the description. We need you to find out if she's an android.
Deckard: Sure, sure. (picks up cards and goes to leave)
C: Wait! Don't you need the Voight-Kampff machine?
D: Hah! That old thing! No, we have something much more sophisticated now - the Rorschach-Captcha.

Enters room

D: Now, I have a few tests to give you. Just tell me what you see.
Femme Fatale: Okay
Deckard holds up card with printed captcha
FF: An upside down turtle
Another card
FF: A unicorn
Another card
FF: Blargh?(garbled answer)
D: Wrong answer

Shoots FF