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Spell gone wrong

James and Lily Potter sit around a baby Harry Potter.

L: James, I'm not sure it's safe to give a baby a wand.
J: Oh come on Lily, our little Harry Potter has amazing promise! Not only can he say "mum" and "dad", but he's managed to aparate and turn his bottle into jumping castle. We need to start engaging him!
H: Mum mum mum.
L: Alright, if he says so.
J: Harry, say "accio avocado".
L: Isn't that a little hard?
J: He'll get it. "Accio avocado".
H: Acocadavro.
J: "Accio avocado".
H: Avocadadova.
J: "Accio avocado".
H: Avocada cardova. Avocado cardova.
J: "Accio avocado". Almost there - more energy Harry, come on!
H: Avacardo akevadro, Avacardo akevadro, Avadado kevadra, Avada kevadro! Avardo kedavra!
L: No Harry!
H: Avada kedavra! Avada kedavra! Avada kedavra!

(James and Lilly drop dead)
(Voldemort enters)

V: Well, I'll take credit for this.