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Duel to the Death!


A is playing with a stuffed animal toy. B approaches and takes the toy, acting menacingly toward A. A runs over to the Teacher.


A: B took my toy!

Teacher: We’ve talked about this, A, B can only take your toy if you let him/her. You need to let him/her know that it’s your toy and you want to play with it.

A: Okay.


A walks back over to B.


A: B, that’s my toy and I want to play with it.

B: Oh really?


B pulls out a lightsaber.


B: Come and get it then.


A stares for a moment, then pulls out another lightsaber.


A: I will have my Teddy.


The two begin to fight. The battle takes them across the playground, up and over various pieces of playground equipment. As they reach the climax of the battle, A manages to spectacularly kill B. The rest of the children gather round, cheering. A walks over to the toy and picks it up.


A: I will always protect you, Teddy.