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Two humans, Alex and Taylor are lying in the grass, watching clouds float by above them

Taylor: Oh see, that one looks like a bunny.

Alex: That one up there looks kind of like a little rowboat.

Taylor: Rowing along on a river of sky!

They look at each other for a moment, content. Taylor coughs, breaking eye contact to look back to the sky.

Alex: That one looks like the spoon I bent at the restaurant on our first date.

Taylor: That one looks like the dress I wore!

Alex: And that one looks like the house in southern France that we’ll retire to in 50 years. We'll have too much stuff when we move in and have to relive all our beautiful memories as we unpack all of our valuables.

Taylor: …pardon?

Alex: And that one looks like our first son James. He'll be 6.4 and go to a private school
Taylor: Private school?

Alex: Yeah. I opened an savings account on Tuesday. NAB has some great options.

Taylor: What?! Alex, we’ve only been dating for three weeks!

Alex: Three wonderful weeks.

Taylor: Well I think it looks more like a bookshelf than anything else.

Alex: Well I think it looks like our house. And that one looks like our early Summer wedding, with seven bridesmaids and a  three tiered cake...
Taylor: Whoa, let’s back up a little.

Alex: I like to think that the middle layer is fruitcake, but I’m open to suggestions, obviously.

Taylor: All these clouds are oddly specific, Alex.

Alex: I know, right? It’s almost like it’s a sign, Taylor. Like they’re trying to tell us something. Trying to tell us that even though it’s scary and it’s a big step, that we're truly, deeply in lo -

Taylor: Oh hey, that cloud looks like our painful but ultimately inevitable break up!

Alex: Wh-what?

Taylor: Yeah! The completely unavoidable end of our relationship.

Alex: I think it looks kind of like our golden retriever cross poodle Rex…

Taylor: Mm, no. Definitely our break up. Look, they're even separating.

Alex: Oh look, they’re moving back! We’re getting back together!

Taylor: That one is me moving overseas!

Alex: That one’s me coming to visit you!

Taylor: That’s your passport getting denied.

Alex: That’s me waiting for days at customs until they let me through.

Taylor: Well that’s you-

Alex: That’s me telling you that I’m in love with you.

-long pause-

Taylor: That's me realising I left the oven on! I'd better go!

Taylor movers to leave. Taylor attempts a goodbye hug, it’s terribly awkward. Taylor leaves. Alex’s shoulders sag; Alex scuffs one shoe against the ground. Alex looks up to the sky.

Alex: Really? Really?

CLOUDS: We tried, buddy.