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Chess skit

Chess skit: written by allister Andrew and chad 

Lights fade up on the rosettes and old guy 1  (OG1) and old guy 2 are facing each other on opposite juliets

OG1: check mate
OG2: well played
OG1: see you same time next Sunday 
[Lights face down on rosettes and fade up on the main stage, the is a queue of people all dressed in black, facing teller with heads bowed]
Teller: approach the teller please [gives rook something]
Construction worker (rook): [idiomatic thank you to teller then moves of stage leaving through the back in a straight line]
Teller: next please Madame
Queen: [dressed in black flowing robes and jewels but not so much that it is evident she is the queen saunters towards the teller in a straight line potentially on roller blades]
Teller: [hands something to the queen] have a good day Madame
Queen:[saunters off]
Teller: next please
pawn: [dressed in black rags tilts head up and moves forward one step]
Teller: sir?!
Pawn:[takes another step]
Teller: one more
Pawn: [stays still]
Teller: oh forget it. Next please, oh sir Richard. Please approach the teller
Sir Richard (knight): [who is now directly behind the pawn, then jumps over the pawn and arrives at the counter]
Teller: what can I…
Sir Richard (knight): [takes a step to the side finishing his L shaped move]  Damn it! [proceeds to move around the stage in a knight like manner and finds himself at the back of the queue] Blast!
Teller: next please…
Reverend Bishop: [cuts in from upstage]
White King: [enters at back of the stage]
All other pieces: [swivel and glare]
White king: [takes one step]
All other pieces:[move towards white king]
Black king: [enters very casually] hey guys sorry I'm late. God it took so many turns to get here [then looks at white king]
All other pieces: NO YOUR MAJESTY!
Black and white kings: [look down and up at their position] Oh!