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*Breakup FINAL

Alex is under a big white sheet talking to a mobile phone.

ALEX: Of course I'm sure about this plan... this is the only way it's not gonna get awkward... oh wait, here she comes!

Alex sees Eliza enter.

ELIZA: Hi sweetie, how was your day?

ALEX: Awful! I became a ghost.

ELIZA: ...what?

ALEX: I became a ghost, and now everyone's too frightened to be around me. 

ELIZA: Alex, you're not a ghost, you're just wearing a sheet.

ALEX: (still monologue-ing) Oh, cruel is the life of a ghost! First my friends abandon me, then my work fires me, and now, my girlfriend is leaving me.

ELIZA: What?

ALEX: And now, my girlfriend is leaving me.

ELIZA: Excuse me?

ALEX: Because I'm a ghost.

ELIZA: You're not... wait. Are you trying to break up with me, on our anniversary?

ALEX: No! Are you trying to break up with me on our anniversary?


ALEX: Because that would be okay.

ELIZA: You are!

ALEX: (back to monologue-ing) Oh, woe is me! Not even my true love Eliza could bear to be with a ghost.

ELIZA: Screw you!

ALEX: Woooooooooooooh (sheet falls off her slightly, she quickly puts it back on)

ELIZA: If you wanted to break up, you could've just told me!

ALEX: Wooooooooooo ghooooooooost

ELIZA: You are such a jerk!

ALEX: And a ghooooooooooost.

ELIZA: Goodbye Alex. I'm leaving.

ALEX: Ghoooooul-dbye! (spooky voice)

ALEX lingers on stage for a few seconds. PAC-MAN appears and chases her off stage.