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A person sits with a phone.

Voice over: Well, I guess I could check facebook.
VO: Nope. No notifications. Email?
VO: Nay. Empty.
VO: No one online I want to talk to. No texts.
VO: Webcomics... no one updates on a Sunday.
VO: I could clean my room again. Kinda clean already.
VO: I could sleep, but it's a bit early.
VO: Not hungry, bladder empty, all clean.
VO: Work's all done.
VO: There's nothing I really want to watch or read.
VO: Mmmm.
VO: Need something exciting to do.
(VO hums [or large physicality])
VO: Ooo, I've got it. I'll play Russian Roulette!
(Pulls out a gun, spins the barrel, and shoots humself.)