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B2 well dressed for this job

B1 on stage in his usual Pajamas, B2 walks in wearing a T-shirt and shorts

B2: Hey B1!

B1: Hey there.. mr... banana?

2: It's me! It's B2!

1: You're not B2, B2 wears pajamas, and those are NOT pajamas

2: I am B2, i just thought I'd move on you know, it's been 20 years in pajamas, surely I can change my clothes.

1: But me and B2 are the bananas, IN PAJAMAS. By definition we CAN'T change our clothes

2: Well maybe I don't want to be a banana in pajamas, maybe I want to be a banana in t-shirt and shorts! You know what I'm thinking B1?

1: no... no I don't. I know what B2 is thinking, 'man, this dude is a huge shirt wearing jerk!', thats what he is thinking

2: no, he's not, because HE is ME! I'm B2, I just put on real clothes, I'm growing up and so should y-

1: B2! B2! Where are youu!!!


1: B2! COME BAACK! I need your flannelet goodness!

2: FINE! If I go change will you SHUT UP?!

1: Depends, will it bring B2 back?

2: Sure, why not?

1: YAY!!!

2: UGH! Walks off defeated

1: Idiot.