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Hidden sketch ideas from 2010

Here's some sketch ideas I found in an old old googledoc that was used during the civil war era.

Italic sketch ideas have been written previously. **Asterisks have actually made a show.

  • Stabby Ghosts
  • My wife the people smuggler
  • Bank steak - that's what happened to me at the bank!
  • I can hear capitalism - I can hear the air
  • Clown Police! "Send in the clowns!"
  • What if Dogs could drive a bus
  • Spy with a phobia of sharks (Coast is clear) (Voiceover)
  • Who looks after calendars
  • Convicts on the moon
  • Are you going to railway square
  • Hotel for Reservoir Dogs
  • Companion doesn't want to leave the Tardis (Remember the line about "Her series got cancelled!")
  • Mac Vs Pc - Personality Vs Breasts
  • Lancelot love triange
  • Magic Owl
  • Genie suing aladdin for sexual harrassment (rubbing the lamp)
  • Avatar
  • Astronaut returns to Earth convinced it's planet of the apes**
  • Mr Crazy!
  • Man with rabies thinks he has all the power of a dog**
  • Next stop PARTY TOWN
  • Happy Sketch
  • I shot the sheriff, but I didn't shoot the deputy - court case
  • A pinata going through customs
  • Depressing birthday pinata
  • Incomplete Robot trying to take over the world
  • Truth fairy**
  • Semaphore sketch
  • Lex Lu7ther's Funeral - Superman gives the eulogy
  • Fish for men
  • A chocolate baron
  • Fire fighting tree
  • Boy who cried wolves
  • What if Santa's beard was too big?
  • How bridie's first kiss was stolen
  • Cupid at the archery final
  • Donor Kebabs
  • Robot learns to dance
  • Mr Cunningham and Reginald Porker