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Gotham City Is Very Prejudiced

So, in the Batman movies, every horribly deformed person is a villain
  • The Penguin has penguin flippers for hands
  • The Joker's face is actually like that, it's not facepaint
  • Mr. Freeze is blue
  • Poison Ivy is made of plants probably
  • Bane is muscle with a face
  • The Riddler's not a real villain, shut up.
I would like to see a sketch where the Gotham City local council proposes a bill to exile all people with deformities. It would probably be a back-and-forth between the council members proposing the bill, the horrified reaction from people who point out (quite rightfully) that it is awfully prejudiced, and the people who are swayed by the idea.

I know we can't rely on people having realised this, but I think when we list mutant villains and provide pictures of them, it should be easy enough for the audience to grasp.