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Game of Thrones nude sketch?

Every year most revues - including ours - do a nude sketch, where the actors perform naked. In past years we've done musical numbers (e.g. "Get Undressed", a parody of Be Our Guest), but this year we'd like to do a regular sketch. 

Nude sketches are completely optional - you can be in them if you want, but you don't have to. And you don't have to be completely naked - we usually have different degrees of nudity so people can choose a role they're comfortable with. They're loads of fun - we usually have dozens of people in them, and anyone from singing, acting, dancing, or even non-cast can be in them. Both your directors have been in them in the past - they're good, clean fun.

I would love to see a Game of Thrones themed nude sketch this year. I'm not sure what the premise of the sketch would be, but it could be any one of these!

  • GoT production team has a long and boring meeting, which is done in GoT sexplanation style to keep the production team engaged.
  • GoT cast are practicing a scene, and the director continues to insist it's too boring, and redoes it with slightly less clothing every time
  • An in-universe call-out about the huge amount of nudity/sex/incest - perhaps Tywin Lannister addressing his family or something like that
I'm not really sure exactly what the premise of the sketch would be, but a GoT themed nude sketch would be great, because we can have a joke in the sketch which is more than just "We're naked! Dick jokes!" It can be a funny sketch which incidentally features lots of naked people.

It's also really good because we allow for differing levels of nudity: some people can just stand still in the background of the scene as naked guards or whatever, whereas other people can have roles with movement and dialogue. And it's easy enough to fit in extras (guards, warriors, whores, etc) so anyone who wants to be in it can.

What are your ideas for how to make a GoT themed nude sketch? Post them below!